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Steve Bowman

Steve has been the CFO of his family-owned and operated company Bowman’s Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electrical, Inc for the past 27 years, based in Northern Virginia. He is married to Lisa who is a teacher and together, they have two beautiful daughters Kara and Holly who reside in Nashville, TN.  Steve earned his bachelor’s degree from George Mason University in accounting. 

The homeless journey began for Steve in 2014, when he heard that Will was looking for volunteers to go to San Diego to search for his lifelong friend Ed Pelzner.  Although Steve was willing to accompany Will on that trip, he had no idea that the journey would extend to 14 trips, 8 of which he helped lead.  In addition, Steve partnered with Will and Brian Silvestri on a twelve-city homeless mission around the USA in 2021.   The 3 men planned out the trips and took part in every single one, living on the streets in 12 major s=cities around the US.  

Steve’s caring leadership style, organizational skills, and easy-going attitude have been a tremendous asset to the entire journey of 99 for 1.  In Will’s own words, “I could not have made this journey without Steve Bowman. He is a tremendous individual and one of my closest friends.”  When Steve isn’t serving on the streets or at his local church, he can be found at area car gatherings with his classic Corvette.