99 for 1 has been impacting the homeless since our first journey to the streets of San Diego in February of 2015. Our Training and service opportunities help participants realize their true identity and purpose. We strive to inspire people to think beyond themselves, engaging in acts of servant leadership which is desperately needed in today’s world.


At 99 for 1, we realize that every human we meet has a story worth hearing. It does not matter if they live in Hollywood, California, or on the streets of New York City, they have value. We hope to change homelessness in the world, by changing the way the world sees the homeless. We want to champion the heroes who provide essential resources and care to those living on the streets, and to encourage those who care for loved ones who may be lost in addiction. We understand that every lost person is worth searching for and hope to inspire those who may be tempted to give up. 99 for 1, entails leaving the comfort and safety of our current world (the 99), to put ourselves in harm's way if need be, to rescue those who are lost (the 1). Every individual matters and has purpose and value, no matter how far they have drifted from life's path.


Meet our Founder

Will Cravens

Will Cravens is the Founder and Director of “99 for 1”and has been working in the non-profit industry for 30+ years. Will is passionate about impacting the homeless crisis in the USA by educating and engaging more people in the cause.  He is a firm believer in the golden rule, loving and treating others the…

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Meet our Board

Brian Silvestri

Brian is an entrepreneur and leader with over 20 years of executive management experience in the telecommunications industry. After a successful acquisition of his company, Connectiv Solutions, Brian founded SilverEcho Consulting focused on helping start-ups succeed with their business objectives.  Brian is married to his amazingly supportive wife Jennisse, raising their two children, Daniel and…

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Elise Neel

Elise Neel is a daughter of the King, wife, mother, tap dancer and executive. During the day, she works as Verizon’s Senior Vice President, New Business Incubation, scaling new software automation businesses in the areas of drones, robotics, location technology, sensor fusion and other frontier technologies that will shape the 5G future. In the evenings, she operates…

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Steve Bowman

Steve has been the CFO of his family-owned and operated company Bowman’s Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning, and Electrical, Inc for the past 27 years, based in Northern Virginia. He is married to Lisa who is a teacher and together, they have two beautiful daughters Kara and Holly who reside in Nashville, TN.  Steve earned his…

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