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99 For 1 | Finding Ed Book

One man's quest to find his childhood friend on the streets of San Diego.

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12 Cities | Will Cravens

This book is a riveting collection of real-life accounts from living homeless in 12 cities across the USA.  You won't want to miss the valuable life lessons and practical ideas, engaging anyone willing to make a difference in the lives of those on our nation's streets. 

Coming Spring 2022.

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Work with Heroes to the Homeless

Along the journey, we met some incredible men and women who sacrifice hours of their lives to feed and care for those who are living on the streets.  Why not consider what's going on in your city and get involved?

Register a Homeless Service Organization

If you have an organization which helps the homeless and you'd like to register with us as a resource, please click below and fill out the form. Thank you for you efforts in service to our homeless brothers and sisters.